Sorry, I just can’t

I don’t like using this blog for politics, since I find the whole subject distasteful. But I have been told repeatedly that if I don’t vote for Trump then I will be casting a vote for HILLARY!

Well, I find it sad that the only argument for voting for the Republican party is that we have to keep someone else out of office. Seriously? The Republicans can’t do any better than that?

But this post isn’t about that.

I am a Christian. This means that above all else I obey and serve Jesus Christ and follow his commandments. I serve Jehovah, the creator and sustainer of the world as he has revealed himself in Jesus Christ. And the first commandment is this: Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

There have been many times in history – some of them recorded in sacred scripture – where God’s people were faced with a choice: obey God, or lose everything. God brought them to a position where their faith was tested. Where it seemed, by all human reasoning, that obeying God would bring disaster. God’s question was this: will you be god, knowing good and evil? Or will you obey me, and trust me for the future?

One such time was in the days of Ahaz and Isaiah. To Ahaz, the only possible way out of disaster was to make a treaty with Assyria. The only problem was that God said, “Don’t do it.” (Isaiah 7). Ahaz’s refusal to obey God didn’t change God’s plans, but it did bring disaster upon the house of Ahaz.

So here is where it comes down for me.

16 But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth?
17 Seeing thou hatest instruction, and castest my words behind thee.
18 When thou sawest a thief, then thou consentedst with him, and hast been partaker with adulterers. (Psa 50:16-18 KJV)

God calls these people wicked and refuses to hear their prayers or acknowledge their status as covenant people. What was their wickedness? They consented with thieves and were partakers with adulterers. They did not hate sin as God hates sin.

As a Christian, I am called to hate sin more and more each day. I am to hate workers of iniquity, even while I pray for their forgiveness. I am to fear God rather than man.

And there is one thing that I fear far, far more than even Hillary Clinton. I fear God. For this reason, I cannot vote for Donald Trump.

His lying is well-known. He is a proud and unabashed serial adulterer. He is a relentless, hardened thief and a covenant breaker.

Don’t tell me about who he plans on putting into the Supreme Court. He has never once told the truth, and I don’t believe a word out of his mouth. He could appoint Howard Stern and Hugh Heffner for all I know. He has more in common with them than with any Christian.

He is a reviler, a covenant breaker, a thief, an adulterer, a bully and a wolf.  You will probably at this point say that even if this is true, Hillary would be worse. Maybe so. But I won’t vote for her either.

I have no idea what God will do with our country. I have no idea about the future. I have no say in the matter. None of us do. But I cannot ever disobey God and give my vote of approval to a man that the Bible says God hates. (Notice I did not say a reprobate. God could indeed bring him to repentance, and I pray that he does – but I can only know what God has revealed to me. God hates the wicked every day and calls us to have the same revulsion of their wicked deeds that He does).

How can we expect God to “bless our country” when we who are to be salt and light shut our eyes and give our consent to such a godless, wicked man? Will good come from our shameless disobedience to God?

For me, to ignore all of those Bible verses that command me to shun the evil doer; never walk in the counsel of the ungodly; have nothing to do with the sons of Belial – for me to do that would  be a violation of the commands of God. I cannot and will not do it.

I fear God far more than I fear Hillary.

May he have mercy upon us.


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13 responses to “Sorry, I just can’t

  1. Of course in your case, as in at least 40 of 50 states, the Electoral college result is already reliably predictable, so it’s only a theoretically moral issue how you individually choose, not a practical problem.

    You live in CA. You could vote Trump, Clinton, Stein, write-in St. Francis, skip the top box, or stay home. The result would still be identical – 55 Electoral College votes for Clinton. The top two jobs aren’t determined by popular vote.

  2. estherefk

    As Christians we know God controls the world and its leaders and so we have no need to interfere or be part of politics. We are pilgrims and strangers. Our king is Christ and as his citizens we owe our only allegiance to him. Not to the world or its order.

  3. I hardly ever comment on US politics, since I’m an Aussie and I’ve found that many Americans find my views quite offensive…

    But I do like this post. Because you’ve put God first and you’ve rightly called Trump for what he is.

  4. Jbmcclay

    One could cross out trump and put in clinton or bob bones and story would still be the same. Keep in mind this politics. A wise choice is to compare the party platforms and vote which fits your world view. Do not look to politics to answer the age old question ” how then should I live”

  5. Sister

    Wow. I usually look forward to your posts, and I have occasionally commented, always positively about them, but for this one… “Sorry, I just can’t.” (Yes, I did have fun with reusing that line.) ☺
    In the Bible, there are examples where the faithful followers of God honored God while submitting to pagan rulers (Esther, Mordecai, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego). Could it be argued that they supported the wicked? I make those statements not to argue a point that we are to support wicked people, but to be careful that we do not proof text. The truth is there were no democracies in biblical times to compare ourselves to. I do not agree that a vote for Trump is disobeying God.
    I too fear God more than Hillary, but I will most certainly vote for Trump and feel an obligation to do so. And yes, I do think he is the lesser of the evils. I personally believe he is about ego and selfish ambition, to include his business interests which benefit from a strong America. I do not think he is out to harm us/is far more likely to protect us.
    Hillary on the other hand, I believe is about the power trip and our destruction. Islam is likely the End Times Anti-Christ religion and she’s aiding and abetting it at every turn. Islam’s eschatology perfectly fits the bill, with their Mahdi (Antichrist), revival of the Roman Empire (the Eastern Roman Empire’s Capitol was Constantinople/Istanbul, i.e. It’s the wounded kingdom that comes back (Ottoman Empire)), right down to the beheading of the saints (Revelation 20:4), war on Christians and Jews, etc.. Hillary set up/left the Americans out to dry in Benghazi. She wants to bring in 65,000 Syrian refugees. Her closest assistant, Huma Abedin is Muslim and has familial connections to terrorist organizations. Hillary deliberated sent classified information over nonsecure networks. We see no evidence that Trump would not try to protect us. Of the two, he is more likely to not join the Antichrist.
    “I have no idea what God will do with our country. I have no idea about the future. I have no say in the matter. None of us do.” The former is true for both of us, the latter is not true for either of us. I wish there were secular equivalent terms to “blasphemy” or “sacrilege” because that’s how the last two sentences strike me. A lot of brave men and women bled and died defending our right to have a say in the matter. I find the statements to be more representative of the fatalism of Calvinism than Scriptural.
    So again, when it comes to leaving a positive comment on this one, “Sorry, I just can’t.” ☺

  6. If you are going to follow that reasoning, you should fear God more than the IRS too, and not pay your taxes. Our tax money is used for many sinful things including murdering millions of babies. We as Christians are to be responsible. We should be thankful to our God for blessing us with a nation that we can vote for our president.
    God uses believer and unbeliever alike in His plan, which is for the good of His people. Trump may not have true faith in Christ – I don’t know. You said a lot of terriable things about Donald Trump, but he said that a lot of his views have changed over the years. Isn’t that good? That’s what we want. You said “Don’t tell me who he plans on putting into the supreme court. He has never once told the truth, and I don’t believe a word out of his mouth.” I do believe what he saying is the truth, and he will protect Christianity. He will give Christians back the right to speak (and preach) freely without government intervention. He’s pro-life, he believes marriage is to be with a male and female. He believes we are to be good stewards with the gifts we have been given, and will help us get out of our national debt. He will appoint conservative judges for the supreme court. These are all things that Hillary will do opposite, so there is a lot at stake here. We know that God puts kings and presidents in their position of authority, so let’s be responsible and vote for the candidate that will govern the closest to God’s word and be confident that God’s holy will will be done.

  7. Joya Osborne

    Thank you!! I am 63 yrs. old. I am a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I have lost Christian friends because I will not vote for Trump. “When given the choice between two evils, choose neither” Charles Spurgeon. Judah kept relying on her “leaders” instead of God, so he continued to give them bad leaders until they put their faith back in Him. I believe that is where we are now. God help us and bring your true children to repentance and revival.

  8. When I read your post, I was reminded of another king of Judah. Ahaz was not particularly obedient to God at any point in his life, but king Asa was. Asa earned that highest commendation in the history of the kings, “He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.” However, despite an early victory won solely in the strength of the Lord, when Judah was again threatened by attack from Israel, Asa made an alliance with the Syrians. Doing so provoked a prophetic reproof, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him. You have done foolishly in this, for from now on you will have wars” (2 Chronicles 16:9). When the Christians turn to earthly rulers for protection and support rather than to Christ, they too do foolishly and will suffer greater conflict.

  9. Victoria Stein

    for so many of your reasons I can’t vote for Hilary either…. I will fill in Jesus for the job!

  10. Content

    I think Christians need to, at the very least in this matter, give their brothers and sisters the freedom to follow what their conscience (or the Spirit) is telling them. I can see each side. But, at this point, if I voted for Trump, the motive would be out of fear and not one of following where I believe the Spirit is leading me. On this issue, none of us should be trying to convince a brother or sister what to do, but should encourage each other to follow the Spirit’s leading.

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