Why it’s hard to believe us

Excellent thoughts from someone who has gone through it.

Prone to wander...

Spend any time around those of us who are sexual trauma survivors, and you will hear account after account of how people — even our own families and loved ones — disbelieved usand sometimes went so far as to takeup the side of the predators, rapists, pedophiles, and abusers who perpetrated against us. It is such a common occurrence that, when I encounter the opposite, I am deeply moved. Once when I met parents who stood by their daughter even when others insisted she was just “crying rape”, I was so touched by their family’s story that I hugged them, thanked them profusely, and started crying!

TodayI read something that was linked to in the comments onone of my previous posts. It isan open letter from a pastor, a humble admission of his serious error, that says, among other things: “Though I never doubted that Jamin…

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3 responses to “Why it’s hard to believe us

  1. Thank you for posting this … it’s especially painful when professing Christians make a victim feel that “it can’t be that bad” … you then draw away from church … note, I said ‘church’ … I will never draw away from Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior who keeps me safe.

    • I am so sorry for what has happened. I pray that you will find a true church and enjoy the fellowship of the saints!

      • I want to clarify that even though I am not presently within a church I continue to pray and desire to be part of a body of true believers.
        I’ve tried to re-enter several churches over the past few years but don’t feel safe. This is a small community and semi-isolated so it’s not like I can travel to another community to meet with ‘true’ believers. For some reason the Lord has allowed these circumstances and I know that worldwide there are many like me. This causes me to pray for others who also desire a place of worship the Lord in unity.

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