Why the filtered Facebook picture?

Of course, a filtered profile picture by itself does nothing whatsoever. The same thing could be said about wars and politics and education and all of the efforts of men. The wrath of men will never produce righteousness – not even the righteous indignation of men can produce peace. Only God himself and the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring the peace that we all long for.
However, God created all of mankind of one blood (Acts 17:26). We are not a world of isolated individuals; one man’s death diminishes me; how much more does the death of hundreds.
We could also say the same thing about the deaths of millions of babies by abortion; the holocaust of Germany; the slaughter of men, women and children all over the world by thugs.
Having been through injustice, hatred, pain, senseless acts of violence myself, I know that sometimes just one voice coming along side and saying, “I hear you” may not end the pain, and may not bring an end to violence – in fact, I know it doesn’t – but it DOES reinforce in our hearts that men and women are created in the image of God, we are created to fellowship with one another, we are created to speak and to hear and to listen. We are created for something better than this.
And the day will come when we will ALL sit together at the marriage supper of the lamb – that is, all who have fled to Christ for refuge – and our hearts will be united in praise to our savior, fulfilling what we were called to do in the first place.
Until then, we join our voices together, and even when we all know that our voices are small and most don’t hear, we can throw the gauntlet down to the devil who seeks to divide, destroy, alienate and isolate, and say, “Not today. Not me. Not now.”
And so I add my little wee voice – not even a forum, just a symbol. But in it there is hope for a better world to come when Christ comes again and casts the devil and his followers into the lake of fire and gathers us all together into one fold.
Of course we proclaim the gospel. Of course we fight injustice where we can. Of course we do much, much more with whatever God has given us.
But we can also be fully human, because that is why Christ died for us, to restore to us the image of God that the devil so wishes to destroy. And being fully human means we live in this fallen world along side of every one else. And sometimes we express that the only way that we can. I’m with you. I’m listening. I add my voice to yours saying that this must end.
Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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