Hope in the Dark

This is from my daughter about the journey my wife and I have gone through.

Cabbages & Kings

It’s been a year. A year since I left at ten o’clock at night to pick up my parents from the airport. It was a clear cool night. I wore a blue and green striped shirt. I dropped my suburban off at their house and took their sporty crossover. It had the things my mother needed to make simple car rides slightly less agonizing. A heating pad, extra pillows, room for her wheelchair in the back. When I’d spoken to her on the phone, she’d said she didn’t hurt, she was better. It still hadn’t sunk in.

They were returning from a trip to Italy. Business or pleasure? It was neither, really. It was a last resort. A trip planned on faint tendrils of hope. None of us dared hope too much, though, because the agony of this last resort failing would break us. It was too good to be…

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6 responses to “Hope in the Dark

  1. Oh my goodness, Sam! Is it true, is she really better? I’ve prayed for you and your wife, prayed for her pain to go away, prayed for your own health to get strong, too. Selfish prayers really, just because I like having you in the world and thriving. Your voice is really needed, you do good work. There is nothing harder than watching those you love suffer, so this is good news indeed. Praise the Lord! What a miracle.

    • It is true! The CRPS is completely gone. She still struggles with Ehlers Danlos, which is also painful, but a different kind of pain, and a different struggle. But we are extremely thankful that the CRPS is gone!

  2. Bunkababy

    I’m happy for your wife, you, and your family. Chronic pain is miserable, life sucking darkness. Every moment revolves around enduring pain. I know, my daughter knows nothing seems to exist outside of enduring pain, pretending to function for others.

    What a relief. And thank the Lord a healing was found. Enjoy every moment.

  3. Victoria L Stein

    I forwarded this info to my daughter…she cried because someone understood her pain…and her youngest son also suffers even more. I pray this will be a help for them… thank you.

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