Thoughts while sitting at the meeting of the RCUS Synod

God sends encouragement from unexpected places.

Sometimes a spark of light radiates from an unexpected place and you sigh and remember that God has not forgotten his church.

I can’t believe this guy is still talking.

Photographs irritate me. We all look about the same as last year. Couldn’t we just change the caption?

I think it is about time to crawl out of the miasma of denial, bite the bullet and admit it: Air Supply is awesome.

I can’t believe this guy is still talking.

There has been several comments and committee reports that mention how we need to become more proficient with technology – social media, zoom, conference calls, etc. It is hard to imagine how we can make this possible with so many delegates that haven’t figured out how to turn their phones to silent.

We just heard from the host church that there is currently no running water. He encouraged us to make good decisions with that information. Our president just said, “If it is yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down.” Out of every possible thing that we could have expected our president to say during this meeting, this one never once entered my mind.

Prolonged sitting and overcast, humid weather is not good for fibromyalgia. My body feels as if it has been run over by a truck.

I miss my family. I miss my wife. I miss my church.

Abba is also awesome.

I can’t believe this guy is still talking.

Speaking of unexpected things, the Synod struck a blow for Christian liberty – perhaps without even intending to. The hand of God has been with us.

Sometimes a light radiates, the glory of Christ is glimpsed through the gathering clouds…whatever the future brings, the Sun of Righteousness still shines, and he has healing in his wings.

When one plays Beethoven, one is struck at how important the silences are. I believe that everyone would benefit from listening to Beethoven.

Knowing when to wrap things up is a remarkably useful skill.

Take note?

Take note.



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5 responses to “Thoughts while sitting at the meeting of the RCUS Synod

  1. Janet

    I love this.

  2. fostymom

    I like your sense of humor…thanks for sharing your thoughts while at (smirk: about) the RCUS Synod.

  3. remindersofeden

    You crack me up! I am a piano teacher and love both Beethoven and abba! I agree- the silences are the white margins on a page, the matting in a framed work of art drawing our eyes to what matters, giving us space to feel and think. Sounds like your inner world was much more real and alive and interesting than the outer world at that conference.

  4. Anu Riley

    Oh I know this: “Prolonged sitting and overcast, humid weather is not good for fibromyalgia. My body feels as if it has been run over by a truck.”

    I stopped going to movies because I just couldn’t handle the pain anymore PLUS movie ticket prices were (still are) astronomically insane, PLUS most of the movies I suffered through to sit through, were NOT worth the suffering to sit through!

    So I had thoughts of: I can’t believe I’m still sitting through this or that movie

    • I hear ya. I haven’t been in years. I’d much rather watch at home, where i can pause, stretch, stand up and put a heat pad on.
      Besides, like you said, there hasn’t been much that is worth the pain of sitting through…

      Susan and I used to go to “dinner and a movie” every Sunday night. Then, about 10 years ago, we were heading into our regular movie, and I stopped and said, “Do we really want to go in there?” and she said, “Not even a little.”
      So we went to a bookstore and got hot chocolate and sat and read and browsed. We got several books for the price of a movie ticket, and we’ve been doing it ever since.

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