Odds and ends

It has been a rough week. Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I struggle through God’s goodness. But there are glimpses now and then. I am certain, though, that I am accepted by God not because I have everything together, but because of what Jesus has done for me. I think I can rest now.

I know that the God of peace walks with me. But sometimes I don’t feel very peaceful. I think I’m getting there, though.

I just found out that Bugs Bunny ate carrots because Clark Gable ate a carrot while talking to Claudette Colbert in “It Happened One Night.” It wasn’t because bunnies particularly like carrots. In fact, that myth came from Bugs Bunny, not the other way around.

Outside right now it is 109 degrees. Tomorrow it will reach 113. Please pray for our community, if you think about us.

Paul, speaking the very words of God, addresses the church as “my joy and crown.” Did it occur to you that the church causes God to rejoice?

Irenaeus said that the glory of God is a living man. That is profound. God raised us from the dead that we might have life, because we glorify him when we are alive.

When we were children, calling someone a “nimrod” was an insult. It meant a buffoon, a foolish person. As I got older, I wondered where this came from. I remember chuckling as a child at Genesis 10:9. “Like Nimrod, the mighty hunter before the Lord”… This also came from Bugs Bunny. In one early cartoon, Bugs is being hunted by Elmer Fudd. He mocks Elmer by saying, “What a Nimrod!” It was meant as sarcasm. “What a mighty hunter right here!” When we were kids, we didn’t catch the sarcasm.

My wife signed me up for a study at UC Davis Hospital for a new treatment for sciatica. They are going to pay me, if I am accepted. There are two ways I can report this. I can say, “My wife signed me up for a paid scientific study that will maybe help my sciatica.” OR I can say, “My wife wants to sell my body for scientific experimentation.”  I’m not sure which would be more interesting. Words are so interesting, aren’t they?

I truly wish that I had taken courses in linguistics. The study fascinates me.

I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about Looney Toons lately. Maybe the heat is getting to my head.

Find a place where the gospel is proclaimed. Listen to those who tell you about Jesus and what he did for you. It is the only way you will find peace.

I hope you find peace tonight.



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10 responses to “Odds and ends

  1. Anu Riley

    Praying, Pastor. My mind kind of runs along the same lines as yours does (you’re on a MUCH higher plane of intellect and insight!) Bugs Bunny was my favorite growing up; I LOVED how he got equal billing with Michael Jordan in “Space Jam.” Totally appropriate.

    I’ve seen It Happened One Night and do not remember that scene! How funny is that, though. I love movie trivia.

    Praying for you all with this heat wave; it’s in the triple digits here, too. First time ever, the power company texted me asking us to reduce any and all stresses on the power grid. For Simpsons fans, this will make sense: whatever you do, do NOT plug in your dancing Santa .

    I have been thinking about an episode of MASH where they answered letters from fourth graders. They were so excited because it had been raining and they were super restless. Each character got a unique letter and had a unique way of replying.

    So you saw Margaret, normally tough as nails, crying when she recalled getting close to a young boy who did not make it. You saw Potter recalling a humorous attempt to break a basketball record (Hoops Potter). Winchester, normally superior and snobby, softened up when receiving a simple leaf that reminded him of autumn in his home state.

    Hawkeye got a letter that blamed him and all doctors for fixing up his soldier brother who ended up being killed. How do you answer that? He advised him to not take the love he had for his brother and turn it into hate. Hate is what made that war. But he understood his anger. Sometimes he hates himself for what he does. Conclusion? Try to look for the good wherever you can find it. .
    More precisely, look for His goodness wherever you can find it. That is not hard, but it feels hard, especially when life is hard, or your own heart is hard, or hearts around you are hard. There are times I can’t believe my own hardness, other times I cant believe the hardness of those around me. How does He remain the same, yesterday today and forevermore—-forever good forever faithful? I don’t know, but it’s good to know.

    I go to your posts and page because you do an excellent job reminding us of His goodness so thank you!

    • janetlynnem

      Thanks, Sam…and thanks, Anu. Both of you wrote comforting words to my soul.

    • janetlynnem

      Thanks, Sam…and thanks, Anu. Both of you wrote comforting words to my soul.

    • I remember that episode of MASH. I’ve watched them all many times, although it has been a while. I loved that show.
      If you open your mind and think, you can see humanity and beautiful things all around you.
      According to the producers of Bugs Bunny, it was the scene where he is leaning on the fence talking to Claudette while eating a carrot. There was something about his attitude that they were trying to capture.
      I need to watch the movie. I’ve never seen it.

      • Anu Riley

        Now I have to watch that Clark Cable movie….again! And maybe Space Jam, too :-). Again. And more episodes of Bugs Bunny, yet again!

        There’s a lot of humor in “It Happened One Night” along with a “fun fact” that I don’t want to spill lest it spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it.

        The attitude they were likely trying to capture is probably WHY that scene inspired them for Bugs Bunny: cocky, confident, but oh so charming!

        It is SO interesting to find out who turned down certain movie or TV roles, or all sorts of behind the scene info, or what it was like to make them.

        It’s amazing how much you change when suffering through or the aftermath of a crisis. There are certain episodes of MASH that I once got so much out of, but I know I can’t watch again. It will pierce and open up certain wounds that I would prefer to remain untouched. Thankfully, what I learned from them has stayed with me.

        BJ, normally sweet and serene, sobbing uncontrollably at being away from his daughter, while Hawkeye, the one person who always found a way to humorize the war, listening with a complete straight face.

        We all tend to try to find ways to smile through the storm, but sometimes the rain just beats down on you and you just have to deal with it. I remember the Lord once telling me that it was perfectly okay to admit that the wind and the waves are doing a number on me. I am soaking wet, and the wind is wearing me down. Hunker down with me, Lord; I am hurting. It’s not a sign of lacking faith to admit it’s too much for me.

        Or, dealing with a biracial baby left at their camp. Everyone was so cheered and charmed by her, but they didn’t know the kind of life she would likely be forced to live, due to her parentage.

        Or Father Mulcahy, desperate to being a semblance of sanity to an insane (and often lonely) situation he found himself in. It often helps me to recall to mind the episodes of him struggling and suffering, keeping a leash on his own pride as he aimed to set an example, feeling useless and purposeless. He brought such a realistic, relatable character to life.

        There was not always a happy ending for his episodes, nor for his character at the end of the series, but it was always hopeful. Always. He looked for the the Lord, the Living Hope, wherever he could.

  2. Bunkababy

    It’s 11:18 pm. My brain was ready to shut off until I read this from you.

    “because we glorify him when we are alive.”

    I always wonder how many days I have to be on this earth. I’ve always wondered why I survived my birth. I shouldn’t have. 1966 wasn’t that equipped to treat 2 1/2 lbs 30 weekers. No mother, last rights given by a priest.

    Given my horrific childhood and not easy adulthood I often wonder what the number of my days are on the earth.

    I’m ill equipped, my brain is messed up. I’m not even sure how much I can even think about God right now.

    Something about your statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m not suicidal but because I often ponder the number of days God has for me on earth people find it alarming. I took a depression test. Midway a red alert pops up directing me to a suicide prevention site and to seek help. I found it shocking and amusing at the same time.

    I have no desire to end my life. I’m just exhausted.

    But that statement. I guess I don’t have to do anything but breathe and it’s ok. I can do that. If that glorifies him I am satisfied enough to wait until my last breath he gives me. Some days even that is hard. But somehow that gives me comfort. And the HS used it to speak to my heart. Hot, itchy tears flow.

    Thanks Sam for sharing your thoughts. I had a rabbit, I loved him with everything in me. He did not care for carrots.

    P.s.s. Please don’t think I’m suicidal. I’m not. I have very strong feelings about the damage it causes others, and quite frankly will not take that out of Gods hand. Sometimes life seems to take a long time. I cannot imagine living 800 years. I’m just tired. Trying to recuperate from recent months of trauma that put me very much back in childhood experiences. I’m learning to be kind to myself and be happy in the small steps.

    • Your life glorifies God. You are the reflection of his character – his beauty and wisdom and you were created to shine that light.
      Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us. I believe you.
      God delights is taking us from the ashes and giving us beauty. He delights in raising us from the dead, from giving hope where there is none.
      Your life is a testimony to us of the nature of God.

      • Bunkababy

        Thanks. Have a good day and for the record living i your heat zone…….wow I couldn’t do it. Blessings to your family. You can think of me because I believe California buys power from us in BC. Lol

    • Anu Riley

      Oh, thank you so much for your words (all of them) but especially these words: “I have no desire to end my life. I’m just exhausted.”

      I do not like comparing, contrasting traumas since I’m not sure who “wins” or “loses” so it’s completely pointless. But despite the different traumas we have likely faced, I understood what you meant. I’ve asked Him if I can just “limp” or “crawl” to the finish line. I don’t know if my legs and lungs can run or even walk (spiritually). But since He is not ashamed of the weak, I am not ashamed to admit how weak I am. I too have no interest to end my life, but I need Him to help me live it out.

      “I’m not even sure how much I can even think about God right now.” That is like me, too, because my mind is struggling so much. Too many of my life memories are bad, or at least not worth dwelling on. So my mind has to work pretty hard to stay in the present without letting the past overtake it. While I certainly ask the Lord to help me with such a heavy task, that takes a lot out of me already.

      Sometimes the ONE verse that means the most is what you are living out the most: His mercies are new every morning. So every morning He knows exactly how much mercy I will need to face this day. Yesterday’s mercies were for yesterday, used up and no longer useful for today. Fresh, new mercies from Him for a fresh, new day means He is perfectly aware of how much we need them, planned ahead for them, and already has them prepared for each of us.

      Disclaimer: yes I understand we should not repress memories; even and especially traumatic ones. They need to be faced, not forgotten about. That’s not what I mean here. I remember my happenings; it’s just that there is only so much crying you can handle! My voice (seriously) seems to have permanently changed due to dealing with what was dealt to me.

      Praying for you and honestly, your comment inspired me to remember to hope in Him. That is a GOOD thing to remember!

      • Bunkababy

        You have given many wise words Anu, thank you. Especially him not being ashamed of the weak. Right now, I literally have lost my physical strength.

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