9 things (May 6)

1. Does anyone remember Beetle Bailey (the comic strip). I’m thinking specifically about the drawing of Beetle after Sarge gets done with him, crumpled into a heap on the floor. Anyway, some days that is exactly what fibromyalgia feels like. Today, for example.

2. When I was younger, memorization was never a problem. When I was about 8, I was playing a piece by Beethoven for a recital and I had the music out and ready. I was so nervous I forgot to take the music off the top of the piano, but I didn’t realize it until I was finished. Memory was so easy for me that my sight reading ability suffered tremendously. But now I’m old. Memory is harder now.

3. But I’m still doing it! I started plowing my way through Mendelssohn’s “Songs without Words” and loving every minute of it. It just takes me longer than it used to. The puzzles of great music are endlessly fascinating and bring peace and calm.

4. I wonder if we are thinking about holiness all wrong. We always think of it as basically synonymous with righteousness. But what if holiness is more related to being clean, clothed, beautiful, accepted, and welcomed in God’s presence? What if the Song of Songs was a book about holiness and its beauty? Of course, that involves righteousness, but it is so much grander, isn’t it?

5. The question I dread whenever I leave the house is this one: “So, what are you up to today? Any plans for the weekend?” When did they start doing this? Why should I tell a stranger my plans? Are they just a government or church spy making sure I’m complying with acceptable social mores? When did they add all of this pressure to every shopping trip?

6. Here’s a fact of dubious interest. If there is a movie that is considered “iconic” or “culture defining”, chances are quite high that I haven’t seen it.

7. Yesterday, the couple behind me at the line at the grocery store were looking at the gigantic display of M&M candies. I overheard the woman say, “No. No. I don’t do outside the box with M&Ms.” I felt that deeply. The same with potato chips, oreos, and Ice Cream. OK. Food. All food. Why does everything have to be extreme?

8. Related to number 7, the best coffee is the one that can be ordered with the fewest syllables. “I’ll have a coffee, please.” Few things were more satisfying than sitting at a Denny’s in the 90s with coffee and a cigarette.

9. One can be concerned about the consequences of overturning Roe v. Wade and believe that abortion is murder at the same time. Perhaps we should talk to each other instead of hurling anathemas.

That’s all for today. Carry on. Let this moment pass and don’t let worry cloud your hearts and minds.


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6 responses to “9 things (May 6)

  1. sarahknox91

    I feel the “why does everything have to be an extreme?” I’ve really been struggling this week. Your thoughts are helpful.

  2. sarahknox91


  3. My faith is eclectic, I’m Baptist, Charismatic, Evangelical etc. All have good and scary bits.
    I’ve had an amazing experience with Holiness. I had some intense visions about Jesus birth, almost like being there. Very blessed.
    My point is that I experienced Holiness, it’s enticing , almost seductive. I want more of that

  4. Bill

    I remember Beetle Bailey..

    uh-oh… you snuck in a truly deep thought in #4…

    and to point 6, your tweet is still making me laugh-but all the more as I picture how that might look-were you or I to answer that way…

    #8 is really good. when I am asked by a ‘barrista’ what I want on the rare times I am meeting someone in a barrista kind of place; It’s always a scramble for me to figure out what the right terms are for a large plain old coffee, that isn’t ‘fashionably burned’ because it’s easier to get a consistent burn, than to roast the bean to the point it’s got the best flavor… what’s that word for ‘large’ or do I want the really big one-that has another odd name for it?

    I appreciate your humor; it keeps my day lightened up. Thanks!

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