My Two Bits–in no particular order

It may surprise you that I have random opinions. Sometimes they are pretty good. Sometimes they can just be deleted. But thinking about things never hurt anyone. So here are some more of my opinions. I have a bunch of them, as my wife can attest.

  1. The foundation of the nouthetic counseling movement is a book called “Competent to Counsel” by Jay Adams. The theme of that book is that every single Christian is indwelt with the Holy Spirit and competent to counsel anyone, no matter what the issue is. A companion book was “The Big Umbrella”. The theme of that book is that psychology is very, very bad and you must never go to a psychologist, even if the psychologist is a Christian.  These two books have contradictory themes. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…THERE it is…
  2. Completely unrelated, which is the why these are random thoughts: Scripture teaches that God uses tyrants to control and judge nations when the nations prove incapable of controlling themselves. For decades, the visible church has succumbed to reviling, cursing, and mocking the world, the left, the democrats, the gay community, the poor, etc. Don’t tell me they haven’t. You know it, and I know it. Could it be that the modern “politically correct” speech police is a Tiglath-Pilesar or Nebuchadnezzar sent from God to teach us to control our tongues with the whip? (See Habakkuk 1:2-11 and Isaiah 8:6-7). Remember that there are no laws against the fruit of the Spirit, nor can there be (Gal. 5:22-23)
  3. Whenever I read what “biblical counselors” tell women that they must do to avoid sinning, I realize that we have created our own Talmuds – and we have done it for the same reasons that the Pharisees did it: to make sure women and sinners don’t get out of control. But it is wicked and godless, and we must stop. (a good critique is here)

Wow. Just three random thoughts today. It is probably because I have work to do and need to go now.

Hold firmly to the gospel of Christ. Don’t let the devil lead you astray through the righteousness that is of the law, for it can never justify a sinner.

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Matt. 15:9)



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6 responses to “My Two Bits–in no particular order

  1. On thought #2: I often think, when I see Christians depending on worldly political leaders (not confining my observations to any one country here) to further Christian aims, of another Old Testament scenario, that of Ahaz (II Kings 16), and a few other kings, going to pagan kings for alliances rather than trusting in God’s deliverance. It never worked out for the Old Testament kings and they always paid a high price for their lack of trust in God.

  2. bunkababy

    I read an article where the Israelites chose the harlot over God’s deliverance, looking to political leaders. The church has done this throughout the ages. Ahab/Jezebel, Balaam/Balak , Israel rejecting the Lord and Samuel. From the Sadducees/Rome concerning Jesus- to KIng Henry Vlll and the Church of England , The monarch and the Anglican church i and the Episcopalian Church.
    I think it is happening again in the US.
    The false church is in idolatry with the world and it’s government and is seeking it through political gain seeking out legitimacy and protection and not looking to the husband/bridegroom Jesus , but rather committing adultery with the harlot. Just as Israel did.

    • Yes! This is the primary theme of the prophets, particularly Isaiah. When we seek salvation in politics and treaties, we reject the triune God. This was the context of the famous Immanuel prophecy of Isaiah 7

    • Anu Riley

      Really great comments from roscuro, bunkababy and of course Pastor himself.

      To add more flavor to the conversation—I have noticed far more active, over the top disrespect and disgust from professing Christians (towards secular leaders)—particularly in government. Not to mention strong negativity and frankly—what I perceive as very sour grapes. The only “sweet spot” is when politicians are just as sour as they are.

      Perfectly fine and fair to offer fair, just and spelled out criticism towards our leaders. That is not my problem.

      Now, if you just don’t like being told what to do, that’s not enough to go on. If you don’t like WHAT they are telling you to do, that’s better—-but I need more to go on.
      If you don’t like WHAT they are telling you do, and you know how to do it better—now we’re talking. Now we are getting somewhere.

      Write your congressperson or whoever the leader is, or if possible go and meet with them.

      Or, run for office yourself. If you see a shirt with a hole in it, you sew it up. Do you just sit there and yell at the shirt to fix itself? I get sick and tired of the attitude of: They don’t know what they are doing. I know what’s right and and I know how to do things right. Aka: I should be in charge, but I’m not going to actually DO anything.

      I dare anyone to spend 10 minutes in the Oval office, in charge of an entire country, and I will bet money that you will be curled up in the fetal position, sucking your thumb and calling for a straitjacket.

      The anger and hatred I see concerning the political arena is partially what fuels comment #2. If everyone would stop being

      I am 100% on board with comment #2. There is either an unhealthy dependence on politics to usher in the kingdom of God, OR there is a false sense of superiority or blame deflection that suppresses any ushering of the kingdom of God.

      Everything is the fault of others, so I am allowed to dump on the world, the left, the democrats, the gay community, the poor. If they’d just get it “right” (and I depend on politicians that agree with me to force them to)—-God would bless this nation. He won’t bless us because of all “these people.”

      No, I would suggest “these people” aren’t them, it’s people like you.

  3. Regarding Number 2, I really dislike the modern politically correct speech police, but they have taught me to take a deeper look at the book of James and also at Proverbs 18:21, “death and life are in the power of the tongue…” Our words to one another really matter and they tend to represent the condition of our own heart. We’re either speaking life over one another or we’re speaking death.

    I like the satire of a “complimentary marriage.” That’s where you can only speak to one another in compliments. A bit of a funny idea perhaps, but not a bad recipe. Our words are either going to heal and bring life or they are going to hurt people.

  4. Anu Riley

    My comment up there was actually the one with some broken grammar and I even left a sentence hanging. Not the other one I left. I’m so sorry Pastor; I directed you to the wrong comment to be fixed up or deleted.

    I am ashamed to admit that I have adhered to comment #1. I foolishly thought I had at least partial answers to things I really knew nothing about. I wish I hadn’t been so young in age and young in the Lord—both fueled so much immaturity and idiocy.

    Comment #3 is a breath of fresh air to read. It’s impossible to describe what it’s like to be put in a tightly confining box, but told that it’s for your own good, not to mention for the good of others around you—-or worse yet: for the good of the Gospel.

    When words as powerful as “this is God’s will, God’s glory, God’s plan” are inserted into whatever lengthy list of rules, regulations and restrictions you are given: you have little to no way to respond that will not paint you as rebellious.

    It’s not about BEING rebellious. It’s about being PAINTED as rebellious. That is enough to get you blackballed and supposedly gets your name blackened out in the Book of Life.

    We set curfews for young people and we tell them that it’s for their own safety. Perfectly fine and understandable.

    But imagine if you tell those young people that you can’t go out AT ALL—for your own safety. That is NOT fine or understandable.

    If you protest, and rightly so—-the guilt trips come at you. This way, your parents won’t worry about you at all. This way, they can keep you safe at all times. This way, they can sleep easily through the night. This way, you won’t be harmed, because we’ve eliminated any and every possibility.

    Choking the life out of someone is not a life. And without being able to experience life, they are deprived of life.

    Not only that, but it a massive lie that you are safest at home. For so many, they can testify that the exact opposite is the truth.

    Home or church or even school are the least safest places for them. They are preyed upon, exploited, bullied or abused.

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