9 things (April 6)

  • If the welfare of society, marriage, family, culture, and country are all dependent upon men being manly, here are two questions that must be asked: Who gets to define what being manly is? And this one: What do you do with those who don’t get on board?
  • My shoulder hurts. I put some cream on it. Its got arnica, hemp, menthol – some other stuff. So I’ve spend the whole afternoon saying to myself, “What is that smell? Oh, yeah.”
  • Last week, I was out of town withdrawing from the world. I deleted all of my social media apps from my phone. It was wonderful. I left them off of my phone and now am far more productive.
  • Yesterday, my pants rejected me. I was putting them on, and my foot got tangled up and down I went. I think I heard them whisper, “Not today, fat boy.” My pants hate me.
  • My wife thinks I’m curvy and spectacular, though. So there’s that.
  • If women were only given leadership roles because men failed to lead, then how do you explain Huldah? Josiah was king. Jeremiah and Zephaniah were the prophets. and Hilkiah the high priest. All of them were godly and faithful leaders.
  • People have all sorts of experiences and backgrounds. People come from all sorts of different cultures and have different ways of thinking. Christians must not base fellowship on political viewpoints, but on the unity of true faith. The unity of true faith is not the same as a political viewpoint.
  • Last week a man attended our church for the first time. He decided that he could not fellowship with us because of how we responded to COVID in 2020. It was his test of fellowship, so he asked. How did we let this happen?
  • While I was out of town, I went shopping for odds and ends, just for fun. I didn’t take my phone. It felt weird, but totally liberating.

Hold to Christ. He will hold you fast. Patiently await the day when all wrongs will be made right.


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2 responses to “9 things (April 6)

  1. annthelen

    Love these thoughts. 😊

  2. Anu Riley

    I keep my phone on vibrate most of the time, except for one day and most of the evening. When I get to turn it back to vibrate, I am VERY happy!

    My “test of fellowship” is watching how other people are watching other people 😀

    I switched to leggings and leggings a good few years ago. They know how to stay in line and stay silent, except to say things like: don’t worry! We’ll smooth out all those bumps and lumps! Okay, we’ll just do our best!

    If women led in the Bible supposedly because the men failed to lead, isn’t there a good chance that the men of today might yet again fail to bear the entire “welfare of society, marriage, family, culture, and country?” Those are weighty burdens indeed. Isn’t that potentially setting up a repeat of history, where the women of today might have to lead all over again?

    Did the men in the Bible only fail to lead because the women in the Bible hadn’t been “womanly” enough? Whatever that means.

    I also find it sad that the only way a woman is allowed to lead is at the expense of a man’s so-called failure to lead. You will not catch me hoping that men fall flat on their faces so I finally get a chance to shine!

    I think I’ve developed a strong tolerance for the strong smells of muscle creams! I’m just so glad to have temporary relief!

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