9 things (November 3)

Jesus has promised that he is gathering together the outcasts, the afflicted, the exiled and the despised. He is clothing them, cleansing them, and embracing them as family. Some days the longing for that Day is pretty intense.

Under the sun, it sometimes seems as if it is better to be greeted in the marketplace than it is to be an outcast. But Jesus tells us that he has a special care for the outcasts. He knows what one needs to compromise in order to be greeted in the marketplace.

For the last two days, I have seen headlines about a missing verse in the song, “You’re so vain” by Carly Simon. They are trying to convince me to open the headline, with the temptation that this verse might reveal who the song is about. I am having a hard time believing that anyone actually still cares. Of course, I have a hard time believing anyone EVER cared.

I recently read an article mocking what the author called the “victim mentality”. I cannot fathom what certain Christians think they are trying to accomplish by mocking victims of crimes. Sometimes I think that pastors are only concerned with not being bothered. When you mock certain people for having a “victim mentality” all that you are accomplishing in ensuring that your sheep will never, ever speak to you about what is actually on their hearts.

Throughout the world, men, women and children are being cast out of the churches, just as Jesus said they would (John 16:2). Bob Dylan sings, “It’s not dark yet. But it’s getting there”. The wolves are entrenched. The sheep are cast out. But Jesus is working. Nothing is outside of what he has already said would happen. And he is gathering his outcasts together.

Everyone likes to complain about social media. But the Lord is doing something wonderful through it. He is connecting his outcasts together and giving them hope. How beautiful are the feet of those who proclaim good tidings, even when those tidings are proclaimed  in unexpected ways.

Fall has arrived in Northern California. There is a crisp tang in the air. My wife is making fabulous apple crisp. The soup is on and the wine is flowing. Fall speaks peace to the soul, that the God of color, light, sunsets, smells, and tastes is the God who made us, cares for us, and is our Husband. Your maker is your husband (Isaiah 54)! What a thought! The leaves can rest and so can we.

Brahms’ Symphony #4 brings joy in a profound and intense way.

God gives his beloved ones sleep; but he gives it by strengthening our faith – that HE builds the house, protects the city, provides redemption, and calls his people to the Jerusalem which is above. (Psalm 127).



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8 responses to “9 things (November 3)

  1. Bunkababy

    Speaking of social media. I contacted the play therapist to thank her for testifying on ER’s behalf. She sent me an email that two Bible study groups across Canada are praying for a good outcome. The world just got brought in real close from people I’ve never met because of the computer. And then there’s you, the only pastor I would trust. All from the use of social media.

    Not trying to be rude here, but, for myself it is the safest way to be a sheep. Your there , I’m here. I can feel comfort when needed without going to church. And, I don’t actually have to have that weird feeling of knowing you in person. ( I might warm up to that one day). I can basically learn and do the God thing in a way that is not threatening to me.

    After saying all that, your family testimony speaks mountains to me more than anything. If you guys can endure, so can I.

  2. Janet Roth

    He is gathering His outcasts together and giving them hope. Indeed! Here in Ontario the leaves were even more brilliant in colour than normal. Most of them have fallen, so there’s a thick blanket covering the ground. We’ve enjoyed summerlike weather the past few days which gave plenty of opportunity to finish harvesting gardens and prepare for winter. God is good!

  3. I K.N.O.W. the heart of the Lord Jesus in these words you have written. They refresh and supply me with H.i.m. …thank you so much

  4. Bill

    You give words to something that only recently dawned on me…it is the people who post here and in similar places, who remind me that, and know, Jesus Who came for the downtrodden, the captives, the oppressed; the Light of the World opening the eyes of us who were blind to the Love of God made flesh…

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